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Daetech Support The Hillsborough Inquest14th Mar 2015

Daetech Support The Hillsborough Inquest PictureDaetech Support The Hillsborough Inquest Picture
Hillsborough 25 years on.
The events that took place on the 15th of April 1989 at Hillsborough, where 96, men, women and children lost their lives are forever etched in peoples memories. In 2012 the High Court quashed the verdicts from all prior inquests and a new inquest was ordered.
Due to the historic nature of the tragedy, much of the evidence relies on CCTV video, Police Evidence gatherers video and broadcast television footage all taken from the day in question. The jury for the inquest will be shown various sequence of videos to show how the tragedy unfolded. An imaging team within the inquiry was set up to deal with the vast amount of video data with the aim of being able to produce the video timelines for the Coroner and jury showing the movements and travels of the deceased. Daetech were awarded the contract to supply 10 dedicated high end video processing workstations, compilation software applications and forensic analysis suite, data storage, server and backup. The supplied system is capable of playing multiple uncompressed streams down the network with which any of the investigators can pull footage from the centralized storage to integrate into their compilation projects. The video footage, originally in an analogue format such as VHS and U-matic tapes from CCTV, Police evidence gatherers and broadcast footage from the day, have been captured as full frame un-compressed digital files, ensuring forensic integrity.

The systems supplied are high powered graphics capable workstations with dual large hi-resolution monitors giving the investigators the tools needed to perform their tasks. The Audio Visual team have been viewing, processing, analyzing the multitudes of media since October 2013 and have clocked up in excess of 20 terabytes of data to date. With multiple investigations Daetech will continue to actively support the on-going Hillsborough inquires as they continue over the next 12 months.

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