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New MIDAS SOLO Launched13th Dec 2016

New MIDAS SOLO Launched PictureNew MIDAS SOLO Launched Picture

Daetech Systems invest heavily in research and development to develop solutions based on customers operational and environmental needs and as such Daetech have advanced the development of the MIDAS platform. The MIDAS Solo has been redeveloped to be capable of off grid working with integrated battery technology capable of running powerful desktop processing systems.


The MIDAS Solo has the capability for users to work for upto 4 hours off grid or combined with the MIDAS protective battery trolly case upto 8 hours.


The MIDAS solo is an advanced Digital evidence retrieval system for police and government agnecies allowing the forensic collection of CCTV, Multimedia and other forms of digital evidence, combined with the world leading software suite from the worlds first forensic analysis software development team "Cognitech", the MIDAS becomes the most powerful and capable portable digital Forensics lab.

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