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Sweden Adopts MIDAS IV-X12th Aug 2013

Sweden Adopts MIDAS IV-X PictureSweden Adopts MIDAS IV-X Picture

National Bureau of Investigation


The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is the organisation that leads Sweden's fight against  organised crime, both nationally and internationally.

The National Bureau of Investigations core focus is against serious organised crime, serial crime, international cooperation and crisis management.


The NBI's Computer Crime Unit took delivery of their first MIDAS IV-X over the summer with a memebr of the Computer Crime Unit who's responsibility amongst other things is Forensic Video Analysis visiting manchester for a weeks certified training on both the MIDAS system and the Cognitech Tri-suite.


"It feels extra good to go out in the field now that we have Midas. We were looking for a retrieval tool and got an entire video forensic lab, which is great."    Thorbjörn Johansson, Detective Sergeant

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