Monday 10th August 2020 bringing clarity to the world of forensic imaging
Digital Crime Lab - Mobile Edition ImageDigital Crime Lab - Mobile Edition Image

Digital Crime Lab - Mobile Edition


Daetech's New Digital Crime Lab is more than just a retrieval system, specialy designed and developed with unique hardware and software applications that cover a wider range of Digital Forensic and image processing disciplines.


D.C.L™ detects mul􀆟ple faces from in real-􀆟me,

incorporates on-the-fly video enrollment, iden􀆟fies

previously learned suspects, and enables

run-􀆟me management of alarms and individuals.


D.C.L™ u􀆟lizes powerful image analysis

tools, with a wide range of advanced scien􀆟fic

fifilters to Enhance, clarify and analyze both video

and s􀆟ll images.


D.C.L™ is ideal for forensic analysis or

classifica􀆟on of informa􀆟on and, amongst other

applica􀆟ons, Searching for known suspects.

Monitoring and capturing individuals at sensi􀆟ve

loca􀆟ons such as Airport gates, Train sta􀆟ons and

border controls.


D.C.L™ is op􀆟mized for the monitoring,

capturing and iden􀆟fica􀆟on of subjects within

environments with large crowds such as

demonstra􀆟ons and spor􀆟ng events


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