Monday 13th July 2020 bringing clarity to the world of forensic imaging
NEW MIDAS Solo ImageNEW MIDAS Solo ImageNEW MIDAS Solo Image






Mobile Image and Data Acquisition System with onboard Forensic Analysis.





The Gold Standard in forensic Recovery and Analysis.



The ultimate Image, Video and Data recovery solution in a single rugged aluminium case.


(Please see the below presentation for an Overview of MIDAS)


The new  bespoke system designed around international operational policing requirements for best evidence. The MIDAS Solo allows on-scene recovery from analogue and digital CCTV sources including HDMI, VGA, DVi, Component and Composite sources.  The addition of Cognitech's integrated Tri-suite 64 the latestand most advanced forensic enhancement suite,  allowing immediate forensic analysis including the worlds only automatic photogrammetry software package.


The MIDAS Solo also has integrated battery technology specifically engineered to work with advanced desktop level components allowing upto 4 hours battery life, Combined with Daetechs robust battery case which can allow a further 4 hours allowing upto 8 hours offgrid working. The MIDAS Solo now akso features, 4G communications, Wifi and Bluetooth.


The unique combination of the latest hardware and software makes the MIDAS Solo the only fully loaded system of its kind globally.


Until now numerous connections and recording formats have been the mainobstacle in the recovery of CCTV evidence.Recovery of video evidence into aviewable format was time consuming and laborious..With the MIDAS DB-X your evidence can be recovered and analaysed in no time at all whilst ensuring forensically sound procedures and capture.


The MIDAS Solo  and variants of this model are currently in use  globally with multiple systems now in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco, Oman, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Sweden.