Friday 30th October 2020 bringing clarity to the world of forensic imaging
DARS LE with DMV ImageDARS LE with DMV Image


DARS LE running the Intuitive DMV software is a simple to use workstation to allow the playback and viewing of CCTV & Multimedia evidence. The DMV software incorporates a intuitive guided user interface that easily guides users through the process of playing back the multitudes of CCTV and multimedia video formats.


With Minimal Training requirements, DARS LE comes with integrated, easily accessable training video, on screen prompts and pdf user guide.


DARS LE is designed for non-technical users and allows playback and reviewing of seized CCTV and multimedia evidence. Using the original  decoded player as provided by the manufacturer of the original CCTV recording system.
DARS LE uses the manufacturers specific playback soware in accordance with the Forensic Regulators “Code of Practice and Conduct” which recognises the proprietary so player as a more “trustworthy” piece of soware than emulators.
With With the Forensic Science  Regulator introducing ISO standards such as ISO17025, the DARS LE allows operational officers to view and establish provenance at the earliest opportunity ensuring integrity is maintained before forawrding to an ISO accredited Imaging or Technical  Unit for further processing, copying or converting or before uploading into a force Digital Evidence Management Solution.