Friday 30th October 2020 bringing clarity to the world of forensic imaging

FVA Solutions

Daetech provide a range of Forensic Analysis tools which includes DARS ( Digital and Analogue Replay System) a unique hardware and software CCTV and multimedia processing and analysis workstation integrated with the powerfull forensic analysis software tri-suite from Cognitech.


Cognitech Inc are world leaders in the development of forensic analysis tools for law enforcement and forensic institutions. With their team of specialised PHD scientists and software writers they have developed and created a suite of cutting edge forensic tools.

Video restoration, stabilisation, enhancement and reconstruction are but a few of the capabilities provided in Video Investigator accompanied by Video Active which provides fully automatic video demultiplexing, full frame uncompressed video capture and Cognitech's video compaction file .cog ( lossless full frame video storage in half the file size !!!)