Friday 30th October 2020 bringing clarity to the world of forensic imaging
Advanced DARS Forensic Workstation 2020 ImageAdvanced DARS Forensic Workstation 2020 Image

Advanced DARS |Forensic Workstation 2020





In the past 20 years the use of CCTV has grown to unprecedented levels. CCTV systems are now complex array of products and equipment sourced from a diverse selecƟon of manufacturers with cameras not only appearing in city centres, college campuses and in supermarkets, they are also being used by private private individuals to protect their property. As well as CCTV many major incident's and crimes are now capturerd on mobile phone, digital camera's and dash cams.


The DARS, a bespoke system designed around operational policing requirements for best evidence is the ultimate video and image
processing , analysis and enhancement system. The DARS allows easy playback of both analogue and digital video and image CCTV formats. Along with Cognitech's intergrated Tri-suite it allows immediate forensic analysis including automatic photogrammetry.

The unique combination of hardware and software makes the DARS a powerful system used by many demanding professionals worldwide.


Until now numerous connections and recording formats have been the main obstacle in the playback and processing
of CCTV evidence.Processing of video evidence into a viewable format was time consuming and laborious..

With the DARS eclipse your evidence can be processed and analaysed in no time at all whilst ensuring forensically sound procedures and capture.


The DARS CUDA has been designed around functionality and simplicity, with intuitive user interfaces and easy connection guides. The DARS CUDA comes pre-loaded with Daetech's bespoke digital CCTV management and database software. The software can be
customized to meet users preferences, allowing quick links and short cuts to essential players


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