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Cognitech Tri-Suite

Cognitech Tri-Suite


Daetechs Global Partner Cognitech® was founded in 1988 with it's current headquarters located in Pasadena, California. Cognitech® is the foremost developer of real-time image and video processing, enhancement and analysis software.

Cognitech® was founded to provide cutting edge image processing and analysis technology for applications in law enforcement, forensics and in bio-medical fields.Cognitech's solutions have evolved and developed and are used worldwide by demanding professionals from Military to Law Enforcement, Counter Terrorism to Home land security and Environment Agencies to Fire and Rescue.


Cognitech® Tri-Suite CUDA edition is the most advanced to date, incorporating VideoActive™, Video Investigator™ and AutoMeasure™, Tri-suite is the most powerful set of forensic imaging tools used by professionals globally.




The software suite is grounded in science fact with it's patented algorithms and techniques approved in courts of law through out the world.




Cognitech® VideoActive™ software is the only available real time, fully automated, universal multiplex software, combined with a powerful broadcast capture card capable of multi format capture or live playout.

The software and hardware combination is an innovative approach to the real time video processing era.


Cognitech® VideoActive™ is module based and allows the end user to view, analyze, process and capture multiplexed video feeds within seconds without any rendering time. This unique capability eliminates the need to keep many different brands of multiplexers on site, and cuts down on the cost of capital expense and man hours.


Video Active incorporates the ability to capture from analogue sources and Digital, the integrated screen capture utility allows the end user to forensically screen capture digital CCTV or media.


Video Investigator™


 Cognitech® Video Investigator™  is the latest major release of the world's first forensic video processing software suite, which was first released in mid 1990's.

The most distinguishing characteristic of the new Video Investigator is an Agile-Video-Active (AVA) user interface with underlying Real-Time parallel algorithm processing.


The Agile part of AVA gives users extreme flexibility and freedom to interactively change any parameters and settings for ALL video processing task and modules (plug-ins). The mathematical algorithms are implementedthrough Nvidia's CUDA based SLi Multi GPU execution language giving users a realtime preview .

The VideoActive™ part of AVA is a revolutionary capability to immediately visualize results from the latest set of parameters, which provides an interactiveprocess allowing operators to obtain the very best image or video processing result. The range of “active”, visualizations makes it possible to gain the most optimal deblurring size and direction, the best noise estimation, the best velocity model (i.e. Pan-Tilt-Zoom), the best region selection for stabilization, etc.


All of this is happening in real-time right in front of the end-user's eyes, while still being “Active” and waiting for a new input from the user.
The only time the end-user exits the computation is when he/she is satisfied with the result.Cognitech® Video Investigator™ is designed to work with video files and still images alike. There are a variety of methods that can be used in either scenario, which is what makes Video Investigator such a powerful tool. No other software will offer the vast array of filters that Video Investigator offers its users.




Cognitech® PhD scientists have pioneered the court certified use of forensic mathematical photogrammetric tools in the United States and international courts of law since 1992.The revolutionary algorithms of the Cognitech® AutoMeasure™ software have been developed by a team of Cognitech® PhD Scientists. This Cognitech® technology received recognition and is in use today by the most respected United States government photogrammetry-oriented organization: the National Geospatial Agency.


While using the Cognitech® AutoMeasure™ software, the individuals and the vehicles captured on the evidence video/photo can be photo-metrically identified or ruled out even if the original surveillance cameras were moved or removed (not possible with outdated Reprojection Method).

Investigators return to the scene and take one measurement and two photos on a pre calibrated digital camera from different angles to the original scene image.


Accurate measurements from the crime scene can be performed by the Investigator at any time by using stored scene images and the camera calibration parameters (even if the scene does not physically exist anymore).

By identifying a minimum of 9 points that are the same through all three images, one being theoriginal CCTV and two from the calibrated camera, by establishing a horizontal and vertical plane, the software then computes the information.The Cognitech® AutoMeasure™ software can do photogrammetry without ANY manual measurements, using only a computerized use of stereo-point correspondences between scene images. There is no need for the measuring tape and the time consuming manual measurements.The Cognitech® AutoMeasure™ software accurately computes any linear dimensions in the image/frame, human height, shoe size, length/height of the vehicle, the angles between any lines and surfaces (trajectories). The software additionally computes user-selected spot areas, camera location/angle, area and much more.